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Floviz Inc. provides research and development expertise in fluid dynamics and flow visualization. Our unique 40" diameter (1-meter) schlieren system produces images like the one seen below.

image of a child in front of a mirror on the left and a schlieren image of that child on the right

A Child stands in front of the 40-inch-diameter (1-meter) parabolic mirror, and is reflected in it.
With appropriate schlieren optics and camera, a color schlieren image is taken of the
child's human thermal plume.

Floviz Inc.'s 40-inch diameter schlieren mirror has been a workhorse for many investigations
of airflow around the human body, effectiveness of face masks, air sampling equipment, thermal
convection, combustion, etc.  With it, we offer a combination of large field-of-view and high
schlieren sensitivity not found available anywhere else in the world.

Other Examples of Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Fluid dynamics across the spectrum of speeds/Mach numbers
Gas dynamics/compressible flow
Wind tunnel testing
Nozzle design, including nozzles for abrasive blasting and other industrial nozzles
Gas atomization of liquids, including liquid metals
Gas dynamics applied to thermal spray equipment
Shock wave/boundary-layer interactions
Convective heat transfer
Schlieren, shadowgraph, and interferometry instruments
Optical testing of capture and containment for kitchen ventilation hoods
Background-oriented schlieren and other methods of large-scale flow visualization
The fluid dynamics of olfaction: “sniffers” and chemical trace detection
Fluid dynamics applied to homeland security problems such as aviation security
Fluid dynamics and heat transfer in materials processing
The aerodynamics of coughing and masks to limit infection spread
Modern digital high-speed videography at speeds up to at least 1 million frames/sec
Science and art
The aerodynamics and heat transfer of the human body in still air and in motion
Spray painting and overspray collection
Computational simulation of fluid flows and optical diagnostics
Gas shielding and gas assist for welding and cutting of metals
Optical detection of gas leaks
Visualization of full-scale HVAC airflows
Supersonic gas jets
Removal of particles from surfaces by gas-jet impingement
Supersonic wind tunnels, testing, and instrumentation
Refurbishment of optical instrumentation for wind tunnel laboratories
Airflow diagnosis in clean rooms
Oil-film interferometry for wall shear stress measurements